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Avantages principaux de l’aile souple SoftWing

Les avantages d’une aile souple sont nombreux et apportent un grand nombre de réponses aux difficultés observées avec des voiles traditionnelles, tout en procurant les avantages de performance constatés avec les voiles/ailes rigides :


  • Plus rapide et moins de gîte à toutes les allures
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The flexible wing SoftWing successfully tested with 25-30 knot winds.

Start of the race Saturday, May 8 , 2013 at 13h.

Violent thunderstorms are forecasted for the afternoon. The sky is clear and there are still no clouds over the peaks of the Jura mountain. The wind is very low and blows in several directions. Under these conditions, it is hard for the Pi28 to perform.

At around 16:30, a strong 10 knot wind rises from SW… The Pi28 repositions itself in the race by flying at above 18 knots towards the town of Rolle. The synchronization between the helmsman and the trimmer of the flexible wing is excellent and balance can be maintained.

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Hoisting and slouch a flexible wing, it’s as simple as that!

Manoeuvring a SoftWing sail is as simple as manoeuvring a traditional sail. A halyard and a vang are enough: hoisting and hauling down a SoftWing presents no difficulty. Similarly, reefing is perfectly possible: the SoftWing system is being installed on the T29 trimaran – which will start sailing in October 2014.

Moreover, the potential automation of hoisting, and hauling down of SoftWing, together with the fact that the system does not require any rigging frame (bracing, etc. ) leads to new perspectives in the context of maritime transport. For more information : http://www.soft-wing.ch/category/applications-softwing/transport-maritime/