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Flexible wings for shipping: first implementation is on the way.

During a meeting held in Geneva (Switzerland), SoftWing and Transmetal Industries initiated a collaboration aiming at demonstrating the value of flexible wings as a means of propulsion booster in the field of maritime transport.

Sea carriers are highly dependent on fossil fuels. The SoftWing technology could reduce this dependence and through this lead to substantial savings. Indeed, diminishing the speed of a ship by 1 or 2 knots  already leads to significant fuel economy. The SoftWing technology can be applied as an automated means of propulsion booster, leading to a stable cruising speed and considerable fuel savings.

SoftWing and Transmetal Industries are currently elaborating a first project to assess the potential of Softwing on a ferry for passenger transport in the harbor of Toulon.

Avantages principaux de l’aile souple SoftWing

Les avantages d’une aile souple sont nombreux et apportent un grand nombre de réponses aux difficultés observées avec des voiles traditionnelles, tout en procurant les avantages de performance constatés avec les voiles/ailes rigides :


  • Plus rapide et moins de gîte à toutes les allures
  • Meilleure performance au près Continue reading